This was a fantastic retreat just the right mix of yoga, pranayama and extra curricular activities. The Hindu ceremonies with the priest at the shala and at Tampakasiring as well as the Sound healing were stand out extracurricular activities for me. Yoga practice was a mixture of consolidating where you are at, building on that and some challenges thrown in. Course attendees were a mix from extremely experienced to beginner. Kathy took it all in her stride and never missed a beat. Very impressive.  

Jen D Christchurch NZ

I joined Kathy Birch’s 2019 Yoga Retreat in Ubud with a little trepidation armed only with my “weekly at most” gym yoga experience.  I thought I might struggle to either concentrate for more than an hour or stay with it for the week, however, it was a wonderful experience in a beautiful relaxed venue. The group contained many experienced yogis who all added to the knowledge I gained from Kathy.  When my inexperience put me in the wrong position or place, I never felt the centre of attention.  I am writing these comments six weeks on from the retreat, content as I now perform yoga every day and feel better for it.  The retreat was perhaps, in a small way, a life-changing event, I will have to wait and see ………   

Phil B  Perth, Australia

Apart from amazing yoga instruction from the beautiful Kathy, the 2019 Bali Yoga Retreat was fun, relaxing and inspiring. As a relative beginner Kathy and the other more experienced yogis were incredibly patient, caring and supportive. I came away with a deeper understanding of how yoga is within everyone’s reach and can be taken to whatever level suits you. Loved the yoga, the activities, the people, the resort, the food and the experience.

Caroline H Margaret River Australia

I have been an Iyengar yoga practitioner for about 23 years and only treated myself to 2 yoga retreats with Mr.Shane Moody in the last 8 years before I joined Kathy’s 2019 retreat in Bali.I suffered with a pinched nerve under my L4-5  last year which halted my practice for some months, I returned to very gentle supine postures with pranayama and meditation practice. When I saw Kathy was taking her first retreat in Ubud I was very keen to attend knowing I would have a nurturing, knowledgeable guide who would give me the options of poses my body was capable of.
Kathy’s retreat was everything I imagined and more!!
With her local knowledge of Balinese culture and beautiful people we were treated like royalty. Kathy included lots of lovely personal touches, massage, fresh coconut water everyday, organic insect repellent, peppermint essential oil before pranayama practice and the best of all …. groovy music to shake to before asana class! All of which complimented a fantastic week of yoga with like-minded souls. A perfect gift for yourself…  time for inward reflection, restoration and self-love,  which we all deserve.

Di G Margaret River Australia

Kathy’s Yoga Retreat was more than just a yoga retreat! Every aspect of the week was well considered. She was so tuned into her group & I felt it was much more that we all gained than the consolidation of our yoga practice. Her understanding and connection to Balinese culture was fantastic and I felt privileged to be included in the Balinese ceremonies she had organised for us. And I loved the Pyramids of Chi! After many years on the mat, there is so much more to learn and I felt that Kathy was able to open and expand our practice in such subtle ways, so from my heart, thanks Kathy! 

Nicky H Margaret River Australia

I really enjoyed the retreat as it gave me a chance to practice and live as a yogi for a week.  I especially enjoyed the pranayama as I don’t do this enough.  We were so fortunate to have the blessings from the Balinese Hindu priest and to learn more about the culture of Bali.Thanks for being such a great leader.

Kathy M Augusta Australia